0.5.2 released. A big part of gnome-pgktool has been rewritten; packages parser has been greatly improved - the program should no longer segfault on startup if it encounters any strange or misformatted packages. Many UI improvements as well. (ChangeLog).

0.5.1 is out. Some UI improvements here as well as bug fixes (ChangeLog).

0.4.3 released! Mostly bug-fixes, HIGification and UI improvements. Fixed all known memory leaks as well. This version seems to be quite stable, but any comments and bug reports are highly appreciated.

Fixed a bug in 0.4.2 that caused saving some window sizes to the wrong location in GConf registry. Released version that fixes this issue. If you had any versions prior to installed, you can remove the wrong path (/usr and all the subfolders) from user GConf registry (in $HOME/.gconf) before upgrading.

Also, I have started working on 0.5 tree. This is an unstable branch, CVS access will be available soon for those who would like to see the progress of gnome-pkgtool. In the new version I am planning to introduce an improved UI, and additional package database that will store extra information (such as icons) that is not available from the Slackware package database itself. By the way, the new package list interface is inspired by this article. However, I have started gnome-pkgtool before reading the article ;)


Version 0.4.2 is out. Changes are:

  • remember window states/sizes
  • ask for root password. Giving root password allows you install/uninstall packages as non-root
  • several bugs fixed


Version 0.4.1 available (ChangeLog). No new features for now - just a few fixes.


Version 0.4.0 released. This is the first public release of gnome-pkgtool. Source downloads available, slackware packages will be available shortly.

The program is still quite unstable, but nevertheless is usable. Build from source functionality seems to work ok, however there's a memory leak somewhere in update package list code. I would highly appreciate all kinds of comments, bug reports and feature requests.